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There have been a lot of previously independent minded people on the left mentioning that they may be considering joining the Labour party. The coalition’s shock therapy on public services is obviously creating a great deal of unease, and joining the sole major national opposition seems like a sensible thing to do. Furthermore, with a […]

In an example of ‘Top blogging’ by amateur economists commenting on social issues, burning our money (via dillow) make the case for prison building. It’s the usual case of bloggertarians having their cake and eating it. On the one hand it starts with a sceptical take on the usefulness of crime statistics – in this […]

(some initial thoughts, please play devil’s advocate) Imagine a volcano erupts in the middle of the ocean and creates a new landmass –complete with rivers, fertile land, decent natural resources etc. In one of the most unlikely events in human history, this land mass remains unclaimed, and soon millions of immigrants flock to the new […]

Drug War Latest


From this report: “At least 23,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since December 2006, when President Calderon ordered the army and federal police to combat the cartels.” Another positive for prohibition.

The comments thread at LC’s article against the minimum price for alcohol has proven to be hilarious for a further demonstration of the sociological ignorance of Tim Worstall et al, whose approach to the issue is at best naive and at worst dangerous and actually illiberal (I’ll explain why later). The approach of the Worstall […]

Twenty quid says Israel will escape the latest episode with no real consequences. Sure, various countries will issue statements expressing concern, a few more people may try to boycott Israeli goods with a limited degree of success, and perhaps some military co-operation on trivial matters will be suspended until the publicity dies down. But what […]

I had a free lunch. So there.

Non political post here, but no apologies for it. I only saw Dio once, in 2007 touring with Heaven and Hell. To me, they were really Black Sabbath, but a Sabbath for the actual fans rather than the ones who dance to paranoid in clubs but know nothing else by the band. Its also one […]

Labour Strategy


Sunny has started the ball rolling on what future labour strategy should now be. I agree with the main conclusion that Labour needs to be a broad church, and keep the centre ground, avoiding 1983-esque stupidity. So here are some more specific suggestions: Don’t have a new leader for the first 18 months. Get a […]

Can anybody out there translate the following paragraph from postmodernism to english please? “Subjects are called upon to perform energy practices by terms of engagement set by more powerful network managers, but their co-enrolment in national scale environmental and energy market diagrams as well as domestic diagrams of cost aversion makes their practices hybrid entities, […]