Nuke the middle east


Twenty quid says Israel will escape the latest episode with no real consequences. Sure, various countries will issue statements expressing concern, a few more people may try to boycott Israeli goods with a limited degree of success, and perhaps some military co-operation on trivial matters will be suspended until the publicity dies down. But what happened on the weekend is not unusual, every so often Israel does something that on the surface seems to be a ‘PR own goal’ but the fuss usually dies down.

Even then it’s not quite clear what the own goal is. The usual suspects are out in force defending Israel, arguing that the aid activists were equally responsible or provoked the fight, and I can’t be bothered to look at what Mad Mel and the neo-cons (idea: use that name for a female fronted punk band) have been saying.  It has long been clear that if the entire Israeli cabinet were caught in a brothel full of child prostitutes we’d find a post on Harry’s place the following day explaining that the children concerned weren’t entirely innocent as they had been equally engaged in the process of fucking each other, and in any case Hamas were also full of paedophiles. We’d also then find speculation in the comments box that the child prostitutes were really just adults anyway.

The issue of Israel/Palestine has of course been the one of the main magnets for the loons (so consider this post a shameless attempt at getting traffic), and the latest incident proves this. It is a conflict where only one solution is possible; as Kenneth Waltz argues more generally, give everyone nuclear weapons and peace will follow. Once both sides in this conflict enter a state of mutually assured destruction, then peace will emerge. If the theory is wrong, then at least a nuclear war would rid the area of its troublesome and stupid political leaderships, although I do suspect that if there were 2 survivors they’d still end up in a perpetual fistfight (even if they were both originally from the same side).


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