Its getting interesting now.


Usually at this time we should be expecting a Tory Landslide. We have:

–          The worst recession the UK has experienced in living memory

–          One of the worst political campaigners ever leading the incumbent party.

–          The press largely supporting the conservative party, following a decade of hysteria and lies printed over New Labour’s record on issues the conservatives are perceived as strong on.

–          The allies of the conservative party in the city warning of financial meltdown in the event of a hung parliament.

That the conservatives are still polling in the low 30s is a pleasant surprise, and one that gives me optimism for the future. But one thing is now clear; the 2 party system has broken for good, and without electoral reform that recognises this reality, the UK faces a political crisis.

What needs to happen is, following the election, the more honest members of all 3 parties (maybe add the nationalists and UKIP/Greens as well) need to sit down and design a system more appropriate for a multi-party system, where no party has an obvious advantage.

Anything less, and we should riot.


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