Get a hair cut


Lord Digby Jones, or diggers as Boris Johnson calls him, was once again making a fool of himself last night on Panorama with his advice to two young unemployed  men to “get your hair cut”. As if a pair of scissors was going to solve the mental health issues and apathy in the young men concerned.

It never ceases to amaze me how businessmen still, in this day and age, place the willingness to conform to bland fashion and looks  above qualifications and experience.  If Diggers was advising young ladies to wear makeup, or disabled people to get out their wheelchairs, there would be a justified outcry, but when it comes to Men with long hair, or people with tattoos and piercings, it is still regarded as acceptable to discriminate.

Lets be clear, it wasn’t long hair that was keeping these chaps unemployed, it was the apathy and depression associated with long-term unemployment combined with lack of experience that was the problem.  The solution in these situations is usually obvious, instead of trying to make these people get jobs by assuming they could if we just starved them (cutting benefits), experience suggests jobs need to be found specifically for them, and support given whilst they enter the workplace and build up confidence and self-esteem.

On the other hand Diggers, your hair is a joke. Get a hair cut.


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