The way to tackle the BNP


The IPPR has published some new research that studied 150 local authority areas and examined what characteristics were related to different levels of support for the BNP. In particular they wanted to see whether high levels of immigration increased support for the BNP.  In fact they found the opposite. However they did find that: (1) Having a high level of qualifications reduces the likelihood that people will vote for the BNP, and (2) Social cohesion appears to matter – where people believe the population of their area tend to get along despite differing backgrounds, they are less likely to vote BNP.

In other words, areas containing comparatively more stupid and anti-social people are also areas likely to have high BNP support.

Also, as noted, the main finding was:

“Our findings suggest that areas that have higher levels of recent immigration than others are not more likely to vote for the BNP. In fact, the more immigration an area has experienced, the lower its support for the far right. It seems that direct contact with migrants dissuades people from supporting the BNP.”

So logically the way to fight the BNP is to flood areas that vote for it with immigrants. So I propose the following policy; every council ward that returns a BNP councilor gets an additional 1000 asylum seekers housed in UK border Agency accommodation.


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