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Get a hair cut


Lord Digby Jones, or diggers as Boris Johnson calls him, was once again making a fool of himself last night on Panorama with his advice to two young unemployed  men to “get your hair cut”. As if a pair of scissors was going to solve the mental health issues and apathy in the young men […]

Imagine you are skint. Imagine you have also run up some debt on your credit card. You open up a spreadsheet on your laptop, and calculate your monthly income and outgoings. You notice that you are spending more money than you receive. Clearly you can’t carry on like this. So you decide to change your […]

The IPPR has published some new research that studied 150 local authority areas and examined what characteristics were related to different levels of support for the BNP. In particular they wanted to see whether high levels of immigration increased support for the BNP.  In fact they found the opposite. However they did find that: (1) […]

(This is an original version of the post I made at liberal conspiracy last week. I decided to post the longer pre-edited version here, and at the same time decided I’d blog again.) Over the past couple of months LC has carried a series of articles urging its readers to vote for a political party. […]